• shimmerglisten live at The Rose Hill

    We played to a full house at The Rose Hill arts venue in Brighton. Some new material and an all-new lightshow.

    March 29, 2023
  • Visual collaboration with Owsley Wylyfyrd

    check it out on YouTube

    June 16, 2022
  • Radio show playout

    Latest radio exposure for the Rimae Parry track

    May 21, 2022
  • Latest release

    Latest release - Rimae Parry with B-side of Encephalitis - April 2022

    April 10, 2022
  • Added to Spotify playlist

    Latest Spotify playlist addition for The Heirophant's Chasm track

    February 8, 2022
  • January release

    4 track EP - available on Spotify, Bandcamp or YouTube

    January 4, 2022


  • Sound of shadows artwork

    Sound Of Shadows feat. Genus

    This is a collaboration between Irish singer Michael Curtis (AKA Micc and Genus) and shimmerglisten - Mikes's beautiful David Sylvian-like voice adds a real emotional depth to this track with sparse percussion, spacey guitars and bass from Nick Davis. A song about what happens in the spaces in between - the sound of shadows...

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  • Amalaki Snicker artwork by shimmerglisten

    Amalaki Snicker

    The Amalaki berry is mostly found in India and is also known as the Indian Gooseberry - which is meant to have healing properties. Everyone knows about the healing properties of laughter - the snicker. Here the giggling of a small child - a relative of shimmerglisten’s was holding her baby sister, and inexplicably started laughing uncontrollably.  This is one of the purest, happiest, and most healing sounds known to man. This has been captured and mixed with some heavily manipulated sounds of skylarks and guitars with an Eastern sub bass.

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  • Journey To Titan artwork

    Journey To Titan EP

    A set of four tracks charting an imaginary trip to Titan - one of Saturn's Moons.
    Originally commissioned over 10 years ago by an artist who wanted to paint a set of four paintings depicting outer space. Using a basic hardware sampler, a microphone, and a few hardware synths I tried to capture what sort of sounds you might encounter on such a journey.

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  • Rimae Parry artwork

    Rimae Parry

    The Rimae are long grooves on the surface of the Moon - like lost grooves from a piece of vinyl - running for hundreds of miles over the Parry crater. Haunting delays and some woozy arpeggios and a deep pulsating bass transport you to the stress-free environs of the Moon's surface.

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  • Brontide EP artwork

    Brontide EP

    shimmerglisten's first EP - “ A dramatic end of the movie vibe, Sci-Fi elements of danger and menace... that signifies we're all doomed anyway.”

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A four-track tape recorder, a drum machine, a cheap synth, and a love of 1980s underground electronica launched Tim Rabjohns – aka shimmerglisten – on his lifetime’s mission to harness leftfield sounds and compelling beats.

He set up multi-award winning music production company Shriek in London in 2003, and over the following years created music and sound design for brands ranging from Sony Playstation to Channel 4, UEFA, Courvoisier and creating the sound of the BBC’s CBeebies children’s channel, as well as a host of TV commercials. Having left the world of commercial music in 2017 to immerse himself Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and web-related projects, Tim continued DJ-ing at festivals and parties.

With the pandemic having put his live band on ice, he turned to a new project that celebrates his experimental roots – shimmerglisten. Inspired by his experiences as a parent and over 10-years volunteering with environmental organisations in Lewes, Tim uses synths, choral elements, and heavily modulated guitar textures to imbue shimmerglisten’s lush, organic soundscapes with a pervasive sense of spirituality and natural wonder.

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